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  • n. One who belongs; a member.
  • n. One who has close ties to a specific overseas territory, normally by ancestry, and is therefore granted certain rights.


belong +‎ -er (Wiktionary)


  • First, her heart belonger to her dad, but now there is another man in her life.


  • I never have been and never will be a fan of Oprah and untill now was not aware that she belonger to the same terrorist, hate America group as does the obama, Rev Wright, Father Pflager, Bill Ayers, that Dorn woman, Rezko, and the many other backers of the obama.

    Oprah 'doing the happy dance' over Obama win

  • As an adult I just haven't developed into much of a belonger.

    A Definition of Patriotism

  • Well, non-belonger is a legal term used in the British Virgin Islands where we have a house.

    Vixi: Memoirs of a Non-Belonger


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