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  • n. A sacred stone found in solar temples in ancient Egypt.


Benben, mythological mound supposed to have risen from the primordial waters, and stone. (Wiktionary)


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  • Named after the benben mound, was a sacred stone in the solar temple of Heliopolis. It was the location on which the first rays of the sun fell. It is thought to have been the prototype for later obelisks, and the capstones of the great pyramids were based on its design. Their tips pyramidia were probably gilded. The phoenix, the benu bird, was venerated at Heliopolis, where it was said to be living on the Benben or on the holy willow. According to B. Kemp the connection between the benben, the phoenix and the sun may well have been based on alliteration: the rising, weben, of the sun sending its rays towards the benben, on which the benu bird lives. (Wikipedia)

    June 5, 2008