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  • n. Plural form of bendy.


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  • Boris Johnson makes the disaster of Ken Livingstone's scrapping of Routemaster busespictured above in favour of ridiculous, Continental-style "bendies" the flagship issue of his bid to become London Mayor.

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • He raped the Bullwinkle bendies, Big Joe the crime fighting German Sheperd, Action Jackson, several stuffed animals and the Rockem Sockem robots until he finally electrocuted himself trying to rape the Lite Bright.


  • Wise decision--I do not want to see double-deckers and bendies skating along the narrow London streets and I certainly don't want to be on any.

    The Official Diagnosis:

  • If KL did such a great oil deal with his Venezuelan comrades, how come he don't siphon some off the beastly bendies & pass it over to the loyal regiment of Hackney Carriages?

    Smoking Guns and the Morality of Parliamentary Privilege

  • Spent £7-8M developing a new bus, which on average will need 24 extra per route than the bendies.

    The Guardian World News

  • Certainly some Londoners dislike bendies, but do they do so in sufficient numbers and with enough fervour to be happy about the cost of their replacement so far as we can tell what that will be?

    Blogposts |

  • Monday morning will be the first real test for this flagship Mayoral policy, but whether it will be worth the reported £12 million scrapping the bendies could cost will take a longer time to judge.


  • Rather than propitiating god by good works or asceticism, they are still at the stage of making sacrificial offerings of dead animals; in this case, these savages intend to stage a mass cull of defenceless bendies.

    The Yorkshire Ranter

  • But rather as so many Conservatives are indiscriminately in favour of killing small animals, the Bendy Jihad rolls on, despite the fact that the contracts between Transport for London and the bus operators mean that come what way, 50 bendies will still be in operation at the next mayoral election, despite the fact that some of the routes involved are impassable to double-deckers because they go through the Strand underpass, despite the fact Boris Johnson forgot all about paying for the extra drivers and conductors required for 24-hour operation ... clearly, the role of the Bendy Jihad is not instrumental, but symbolic.

    The Yorkshire Ranter


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