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  • n. an East Indian annual erect herb (Sesamum indicum); the source of sesame seed or benniseed and sesame oil. Same as benne

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  • n. East Indian annual erect herb; source of sesame seed or benniseed and sesame oil


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  • It made me sad reading about that woman, to be driven to such a measure is indicative of how bad it actually is in some areas, but you have to admit, co-ercing a spacker to 'lift her nightie up' is up there with knock a door run and theiving bottles of milk off doorsteps .. not everyday for months/years on end. if it was your daughter? or is it ok because she was disabled? doesn't matter now though does it? they are both dead. only a harmless bit of fun. discuss? was gonna suggest your user name should be 'benni' 77, but i'd lose the moral high ground

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  • The Susus are an industrious tribe, and they trade with our colony in gum, ground-nuts, and _benni_, or sesamum-seed.

    To the Gold Coast for Gold A Personal Narrative in Two Volumes.—Volume I

  • Benne (or benni) is the West African name for sesame.

    Hungry Magazine

  • Of course that's not the only reason he's been on the losing end lately, but yeah, agree with you that attention, as opposed to crowd support, doesn't help his game much. thank you benni. just thank you. we both know i normally couldn´t care less for you, but today you´ve been money. good call btw, greenhopper.

    Peter Bodo's TennisWorld

  • *gibz yu 2 eggz benni wif pencheta bacon insteadz uv ham an tasty humfriez*

    Lo Five - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • The biggest drain on Pensions is politicians the work a few years vote themselves huge wages onehundered and seventy five thousand a year for they can retire after one term full medical full dental and 100% pension The salary agian is $175,000 a year and the can raise ther pay tomorow if they they have taken no pay cuts no benni cuts and only need serve 4 years not at least 20 like the comon govt.

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  • Matty, who is learning the game, let sam down and cost us 2 points vs city, his confidence was low back than AND he's not physical, or a sam type player ... for this season at least. what you are really saying is that you want sams results, but you dont want him to play benni or andrews or pedersen, and get the best out of them, but you do want him to play matty, who might score 1 in 4, but would screw up the game plan??


  • January 17, 2009 at 2: 21 pm yeah i agree pat, though zaki is doing it at the moment, so would maybe keep doing it for us til the end of the year, though obviously it wouldn't be a possibility anyways. agree about santa cruz too, look what happened to benni mccarthy, they're very similar situations apart from benni didn't leave before being found out, santa cruz will do marginally better than city's signing of benjani because he was having his one good season last year! wenger said very specifically "kolo will be captain WHEN HE PLAYS" (whilst cesc is out) and i think it was very significant that he specified the when he plays bit, because he won't play ahead of gallas when he's back from injury. News

  • - not a present disfragmented unity - benni here today, tomorrow never. world cup is not free state stars or golden arrows. there you meet tough guys. my players would eat papa for breakfast, lunch and supper - not conflakes and black label - the two dont meet

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  • Whats goin to be interesting is when we play arsenal again and he lines up against that cry baby gallas and that fairy nasri .. bettyswollocks - sorry to hear about your mum. bennit3b - they have quotes so it has to be true otherwise they can be sued for printing words someone didnt say. so whose the tit (rhetorical question) u mug get a grip u divvy let joey play his game hes always been agressive thats wot makes him a good player the quotes are actually someones opinion … So they could be totally untrue in their observation but true in the sense that they came from a random lip reader …. and thats what benni is saying .. not hard to gather that from what benns typed, AO

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