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  • n. A crystalline compound, C7H6N2, that is used in organic synthesis and inhibits the growth of certain microorganisms.

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  • n. A bicyclic heterocycle containing a benzene ring fused to that of imidazole; it is used as a pesticide.


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  • The NYU researchers screened a library of 2,000 well-known drugs and identified members of the benzimidazole family for their ability to inhibit melanoma growth and induce programmed cell death (apoptosis) of malignant melanoma cells without affecting normal melanocytes (pigment-producing cells).

    Mebendazol: A novel drug to be studied for metastatic Melanoma

  • Triclabendazole, a benzimidazole compound, has recently been registered in Egypt for the treatment of human fascioliasis.

    Chapter 2

  • Moore's thesis was on the characterization of carbohydrates as benzimidazole derivatives.

    Stanford Moore - Biography

  • To ensure that there is no interference from the most recent deworming, FECRT should not be performed within eight weeks following the last benzimidazole or pyrimidine treatment, or within 12 (ivermectin) or 16 (moxidectin) weeks after a macrocyclic lactone treatment.

    Thoroughbred News |

  • More recently, scab has developed resistance to the strobilurin as well as the benzimidazole classes, and now Alternaria leaf spot resistance to the strobilurin and carboxyanilide (boscalid) chemistries has appeared.

    Western Farm Press RSS Feed

  • The horse dermal fibroblast (NBL-6) cells presented in the digital image above were resident in an adherent culture stained for F-actin with Alexa Fluor 488 conjugated to phalloidin (green fluorescence), and for DNA with the bis-benzimidazole dye Hoechst 33258


  • Poly Benzimidazole - This high-tech synthetic polymer, a benzimidazole derivative, offers some of the most advanced properties in today's competitive thermoplastic marketplace.


  • The margin of safety was such with the benzimidazole family that they could be sold over-the-counter in easy-to-use pastes. Headlines

  • Scientists had already seen worm resistance in phenothiazine, and the benzimidazole family was to be no exception. Headlines

  • The horses used in the Abbott (1993) study originated in a herd where benzimidazole-resistant small strongyles had been confirmed. News


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