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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of betoken.


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  • He wondered what an Afrikaner was -- not an African, certainly, not by the way the Rivington men treated Negroes -- and whether the name betokened resistance against Afrikaners, whatever they were, or by them.

    The Guns Of The South

  • He was the very Prince of dogs, as his name betokened, and he was very good to Grandfather and

    Christmas in Legend and Story A Book for Boys and Girls

  • His expression betokened a strong effort at self-control.

    Prescott of Saskatchewan

  • He was evidently brimful of mischief -- his expression betokened it; no doubt he was one of the most thorough little scamps that ever played at "morra," but there was a charm about his handsome dirty face and unkempt hair, and I watched him amusedly, glad to be distracted for a few minutes from the tired inner workings of my own unhappy thoughts.

    Vendetta: a story of one forgotten

  • Add to these detractions from her loveliness, viz: thinness and pallor, that her expression betokened earnest thought rather than gayety or sweetness, and the reader need not be surprised that people did not usually consider Hope a beauty, though we were captivated by her looks, even before we formed her acquaintance.

    Then and Now;--Or,--Hope's First School

  • He was used to all sorts of devices as a prelude to requests for office or emolument, and his expression betokened little interest or expectation.

    The King's Men A Tale of To-morrow

  • Everything, in short, betokened that Mr. Stuart was on the high road to fortune.

    Gascoyne, The Sandal-Wood Trader A Tale of the Pacific

  • Everything, in short, betokened that Mr Stuart was on the high road to fortune.

    Gascoyne, the Sandal-Wood Trader

  • He proved to be what his name betokened -- a remarkably obstinate and stupid fellow.

    Great African Travellers From Mungo Park to Livingstone and Stanley

  • That he was of noble family and great position her name betokened, and the state in which they lived.



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