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  • At intervals.


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  • "Do thou harness whichever I fling thee, and betweenwhiles protect the team."


  • It is something beyond the compass of your thinking, inasmuch as it is yourself; but is it not of a higher spirit than you had dreamed betweenwhiles, and erect above all base considerations?

    Lay Morals

  • She would regularly change the ice, or the cooling spirit, on his head, and would keep her ear at the pillow betweenwhiles, listening for any faint words that fell from him in his wanderings.

    Our Mutual Friend

  • And betweenwhiles he has grudgingly allowed himself to be wooed by Sasha and his outriders.

    Absolute Friends

  • He's worse now; I think he forgets betweenwhiles what was said the last time they looked.

    McClure's Magazine, Vol 31, No 2, June 1908

  • By day he cooked as well, and, in the betweenwhiles, helped Anson in the building of the boat beside the torrent as the green planks came down.

    Like Argus of the Ancient Times

  • Horieneke sat demurely in the middle, next to Doorke, with uncle and aunt on either side and, lower down, father and all the children: mother had to keep moving to and fro, waiting on them, snatching a mouthful now and again betweenwhiles.

    The Path of Life

  • At election times they do service for men high in authority; betweenwhiles they thrive on the bickerings and feuds among the despoilers.

    The Auction Block

  • Iki, breathing every now and then a long quivering sigh and forgetting to breathe betweenwhiles, held on tightly with both hands.

    Man to Man

  • We lingered on, looking and marveling, and betweenwhiles wondering whether our automobile's hacking cough had got any better by resting, until the sun went down and the twilight came.

    Europe Revised


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