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  • adj. Of or pertaining to both alleles of a gene (in a heterozygote).


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  • See Jewish and Middle Eastern non-Jewish populations share a common pool of Y-chromosome biallelic haplotypes by M.F. Hammer et al.

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  • A 0.8 to 2.0-log reduction in VL from peak during TI was observed in the 3 of 6 subjects with the highest estimated circulating levels of cells with biallelic modification.

  • A statistically significant relationship between VL and the calculated percentage of circulating CD4+ T-cells that have undergone ZFN-mediated modification of both copies (biallelic) of the CCR5 gene within a cell (P= 0.0001 for VL at the end of TI, and 0.037 for area under the curve of VL over the TI period).

  • Moreover, the interesting kinetics in viral load that we observed in the first few subjects that underwent a treatment interruption has been borne out and has allowed us to correlate a statistically significant effect of the rate of biallelic ZFN-modification of the CCR5 gene on viral load during treatment interruption.

  • PTPN2 deletion in 90% of the cells for individuals 1 (biallelic deletion) and 20

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  • Thus, biallelic germline mutations in a RAD51 paralog are associated with an FA-like syndrome.

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  • RAD51C is essential for homologous recombination repair, and a biallelic missense mutation can cause a Fanconi anemia-like phenotype.

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  • (A) Phenotype axis with five genotypic values for five genotypes (two homozygote, one heterozygote and two hemizygotes) for a biallelic locus

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  • In order to avoid null alleles, datasets in which one of the homozygotes gave a steady state level was set equal to zero if the sum of the monoallelic phenotypes differed less than 5% from the biallelic phenotype.

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  • Thus, despite that much of current genetics theory is actually founded on biallelic single locus genetics, the basic gene action concepts used to construct the theory only depend on genotypes and their relative positions to each other.

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