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  • The ardor of possessing books, commonly called bibliomania, also styled bibliophilism and "biblio" -- whatever else that has suggested itself to the fruitful imaginations of dozens of felicitous writers upon the subject, -- is described by Dibdin as a "disease which grows with our growth, and strengthens with our strength."

    Book-Lovers, Bibliomaniacs and Book Clubs

  • Some of Mr. Mosher's catalogues: fine! they'll show her the true spirit of what one book-lover calls biblio-bliss.

    The Haunted Bookshop

  • These may perhaps more appropriately be called biblio-spongers, and are of all ranks in the community, many even owning beautiful homes, and having ample resources at command; but while enjoying the congenial atmosphere of a well-furnished library, and the delights of caressing the precious and wisely selected tomes of others, they are still of such temperaments that they would no more think of _buying_ books than would another of buying an opera-house in order to satisfy theatre-going propensities.

    Book-Lovers, Bibliomaniacs and Book Clubs

  • The information and history offered freely for the enjoyment of one and all is an embarrassment of riches ... the kind of biblio material usually available at a cost.

    the private library

  • As a deep admirer of books and places, I love that "biblio" may in fact refer back to an ancient port.

    Linguistical musings: Bookish, Bibliophilic, Literary

  • The Toshiba "biblio" is an optimal model for reading, with a 7 GB data folder enabling users to carry a shelf-full of books around, and a 3.5-inch Full Wide VGA++ 1 screen supporting touch operation.

    May 2009 -

  • Japan's second largest mobile operator, ran a one-month promotion at the Lcafe for "biblio," a new e-reader handset from Toshiba for its "au" mobile service.

    Tokyo Café Targets Trend Makers

  • I want to introduce you with a new rare mental disease which I call it bibliolexiconomania which I have got it after looking for the words beginning with the prefix "biblio" i.e. bibliowords.


  • It's a combination of "biblio -" (Greek: comb. form of book) and a variant of "biblulous" (Latin: "Freely or readily drinking").


  • For him most of what came out of Parrish's mouth was 'biblio' or



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