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  • n. The love of books.


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biblio- + -philia


  • I think that in any study of anything, an example of excess is instructive, because bibliomania on the whole -- bibliophilia, which is the cousin, are productive exercises.

    A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Books

  • "Growing up we didn't have books and art in our home, there was nothing, basically," he said, adding that his life of bibliophilia began only after he overcame severe dyslexia that curbed his reading until he was 21.

    An Artist Amasses a Rare Collection

  • Hence, the MoBiA exhibition appeals to interests ranging from theology and the complexities of interpretation to the aesthetic delights of bibliophilia.

    Four Centuries of Love and Suffering for the Word

  • Lynn Margulis: I'm thriving, I have found excellent colleagues and friends in this place of the three "B's": biophilia, bibliophilia and bicyclophilia.

    Behe and Gene discuss the Evolution of the Flagellum

  • The narrative is surprisingly compelling, the author kept me turning the pages, There are enough scenes in dark towers, cemeteries and dank bookstores (indeed bibliophilia plays an integral part of the story), the Devil his own self, to keep even the jaded horror fan interested.

    Reader reviews of The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

  • There are two streams in my daily affairs, both united by a bibliophilia: either I am trafficking in enigmatic texts or I am cracking the codes of the most mysteriously penned codices.

    Excerpt from Codex Infinitum

  • The disparate concerns of "The Cookbook Collector" dot-com dizziness, environmentalism, bibliophilia, Jewish identity could have resulted in literary mush, but they turn out to be the ingredients of a satisfying tale.

    Rom-Com Meets Dot-Com

  • To our understanding, it's a send up of the cultural gravitas and humorless puffery we attach to books, seen through the story of a teenage girl whose wealthy parents commission a novel about her in order to land grant her bibliophilia.

    Kevin Smokler: The Shelf Talker: Butterscotch, and Prairie Home Companion

  • - I'm already a bookstore fanatic so the aptly named Powerhouse Books on Main Street took my bibliophilia to another level.

    Gina Pell: DUMBO: The New Soho

  • Several years ago, in a fit of bibliophilia that still afflicts me, I started buying earlier versions of some favorite titles.

    Beware Rare Book Forgeries


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