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  • Competition among market makers and providers of liquidity reduce the difference between the highest bid price at which people are willing to buy shares or contracts and the lowest level at which they'll sell, called the bid-ask spread, Smith said.

  • Market makers make money by maintaining a difference between the price they buy and the price they sell a particular stock or stock option -- known as the bid-ask spread.

  • In addition to traditional market-quality issues such as liquidity and bid-ask spreads, so-called visibility issues now play a key part in the listing equation.

    Nasdaq Scores Texas Instruments in Listings Battle

  • These highly-liquid stocks trade very frequently with a bid-ask spread of a penny.

    Taxing Stock Trades Will Hurt Main Street

  • Funds also have to pay brokerage expenses and bid-ask spreads when they buy and sell stocks.

    Why Fund Fees Barely Budge

  • But that isn't interesting unless it suggests we should do something different, like take on lots of exposure to wild risks such as the market going up 500% or down 90% over the next 10 years, and there we know this doesn't pay off (people ask a lot to take the other side of that bet via bid-ask and volatility smile).

    Out of Your Opening Book, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Analysts warn that narrowing bid-ask spreads over the past few years make the business a difficult one to enter without scale.

    Susquehanna Financial Takes Aim at Bigger Trading Firms

  • For example, additional costs can come in the form of wide bid-ask spreads, the difference between the prices quoted to buy and sell a fund.

    The Incredible Shrinking Fee

  • If you are thinking of trying the strategy, be warned that transaction costs aren't included—and since small companies generally have wider bid-ask spreads than larger companies, those costs may be high.

    Playing the 'January Effect'

  • The best way to judge liquidity, some traders say, is by looking at the bid-ask spreads.

    Traders Warn of Market Cracks


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