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  • adj. Moving or operating in two usually opposite directions: bidirectional data flow; a bidirectional microphone.

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  • adj. Moving in two directions (usually opposite).
  • adj. Operating or functioning in two directions (usually opposite).

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  • adj. reactive or functioning or allowing movement in two usually opposite directions


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  • Stage II, known as the bidirectional Glenn or the hemiFontan, typically occurs within four to six months of birth.

    Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS)

  • "Whereas shortwave radio during the Cold War was very unidirectional ... with the Internet these technologies are by definition bidirectional, meaning that it gives an opportunity for citizens within these states to also communicate amongst themselves and with the outside world."

  • Two-way radio communications enhancement systems commonly referred to as bidirectional amplifiers or repeaters are replacing the firefighter telephones in many jurisdictions to improve fire ground communications within a building.

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  • The integration of the tools is bidirectional, that is, Expression Blend also has access to system data and events from EB GUIDE Studio.

    Embedded Computing Design

  • According to some experts in Europe and the US, the idea was launched too late, only three months before the election day; it was mainly in English, in a region with 22 co-official languages; it didn´t show any interest for people´s opinion or any kind of bidirectional communication.

    European Parliament Dips Its Toe Into Social Networking

  • But critics like El Mundo's Aitor Hernández-Morales have noted the project's key mistakes: importantly, it didn't show any interest for people's opinion or any kind of bidirectional communication ...

    Daily Digest | Making Health Care Myths with Data Visualization

  • The few previous methods that were "bidirectional" like the current design, using output energy for input energy, required constant driving of the device, resulting in a complex implementation and requiring a significant amount of energy for driving the system, which made them barely realistic. - latest science and technology news stories

  • All prior HDMI versions are bidirectional, meaning that either end can talk to the other.

    BN - Broadcast Newsroom-news

  • Modern skateboard wheels are bidirectional, meaning that they can be attached in either direction unlike the wheels on a car or the back wheel of a bicycle.

    MyLinkVault Newest Links

  • Nutrigenomics uses a 'bidirectional' approach, they claim, and so it is useful for investigating how the genetic traits of an individual or population interact with their diet, which could offer possibilities for targeted clinical interventions and preventive medicine. nutrigenomics may potentially help guide the development of customized diets based on an individual's genetic make-up

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