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  • n. Alternative form of bien pensant.
  • adj. Alternative form of bien pensant.


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  • Similarly, Mr. Bergen notes the rejection of such violence by cleric Yusuf al Qaradawi, a darling of the bien-pensant left, but neglects to tell us that Qaradawi's oeuvre includes a fatwa authorizing women to engage in suicide bombing.

    America's Most Wanted

  • His presidency has been a presidency of shibboleths, of endless boasts that he's delivering on the bien-pensant slogans that others just mouth.

    Overcaffeinated CAFE

  • Yet the strikes have become objects of ritual denunciation by Pakistan's government, which likes to play to the anti-American peanut gallery, as well as by segments of the country's bien-pensant class.

    The Face of Pakistan's Courage

  • So as a counter to these books and the cumulative impression they leave, I'm going to do something that's frowned upon in many bien-pensant circles: I'm going to cheerlead for technology.

    Why The Internet Is Not Making Us Stupid

  • Watching the 24-hour news channel, NTV, one sees a face-off between a secularist retired army general and a journalist of roughly bien-pensant views that ends up with shouted recriminations of "fascist" and "separatist."

    Turkey: A Day In The Life

  • The only thing more shattering to the bien-pensant world view would be news that Chez Panisse in Berkeley uses Crisco.

    Proud(ish) to Be American

  • Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Today one is inclined to advert to, on the one hand, a brutal lesson for our political élite and the bien-pensant MSM and, on the other hand, a symptom of the problem that they have.

    Archive 2008-06-15

  • AT FIRST GLANCE, a form of race hatred could have been seen as the motivation of the second component of the dry coalition, the bien-pensant northeasterners who would come to be known as progressives.


  • Harvard sociologist Orlando Patterson is generally viewed as quite bien-pensant despite an array of views about the causes of poverty and the significance of racism that are hardly PC.

    John McWhorter On Randall Kennedy’s New Book “Sellout”

  • In the current New Republic, there's a passel of blather under the byline Amitai Etzioni (a name achingly familiar to all connoisseurs of crypto-academic bien-pensant bullbleep) that sets forth a plan by which America will transform itself into a nation of savers.

    Panic in Detroit


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