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  • Had the steward been a New Hibridean or a Solomon islander, the command would have been: "Hey, you fella boy, go look 'm eye belong you along deck, bring' m me fella one big fella marster belong black man."

    Chapter 16

  • Bimeby God big fella marster belong white man He make 'm one fella man and put' m along garden belong Him.

    Chapter 16

  • She looked dumbly at the big fella white master, her eyes large with fright; nor did the trembling of her body cease for a long time after he had made her lie down.


  • “My word, you fella Mary,” one would say to her, “short time little bit that big fella white marster kai-kai along you.”


  • “You big fella fool too much,” Van Horn retorted harshly, dropping his gun into the stern-sheets, motioning to rowers and steersman to turn the boat around, and puffing his cigar as carelessly casual as if, the moment before, life and death had not been the debate.


  • He sent his emissary on board again, who explained that the big fella marster belong Suava was condescendingly willing enough to shake hands with Captain Jansen and me and cadge a stick or so of trade tobacco, but that nevertheless his high-born soul was still at so lofty an altitude that it could not sink itself to such a depth of degradation as to shake hands with a mere female woman.

    Chapter 15

  • Ebery morning tell that big fella Boss (with an upward jerk of the head) gib it daily-bread.

    The Confessions of a Beachcomber

  • Her destination merely had been changed, and this big fella white marster of the Arangi would undoubtedly be her destination when she had sufficiently fattened.


  • A big fella marster belong Suava (which means the high chief of Suava) came on board.

    Chapter 15

  • Suppose 'm you big fella white marster give' m me one fella stick, close up me washee - washee you that fella steamer.



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