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  • n. In the Philippines, a name for uncooked rice.


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  • In the Philippines and in the Tagalog language, uncooked rice is called bigas and cooked rice is called kanin.


  • Does anyone know if this is possible, with reinforced columns and "bigas"?

    Roof-top Gardens

  • But because French bread is made with long rise times, and in some cases by making bigas (a dough that starts rising a day or 2 before you make the bread and is then incorporated into the bread -- I think of it as sourdough lite) it has incredibly complex and wonderful flavor.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • Reinhart's method for whole grain breads relies on bigas -- that's the delayed fermentation part -- and "soakers."

    What A difference 24 Hours Can Make!: 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

  • The surface of the soakers and bigas will sometimes darken due to oxidation--no harm but if you want to avoid it, lay some plastic wrap directly on the surface of the dough to keep it from reacting to the air...

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Wal-Mart at Sam's Club ay nagsimula pagrarasyon bigas . »2008» Abril

  • In this sense it was that Varro employed "vivere," when he said: "Young women, make haste to live, you whom adolescence permits to enjoy, to eat, to love, and to occupy the chariot of Venus (Veneris tenere bigas)."


  • In the winter, I leave preferments sponges or bigas on the counter overnight.

    pain à l'ancienne

  • Except for the odd-colored chicken (black where it should have been brown, and brown where it should have been black), which only flapped its wings, and raced forward on its scaly pink feet to peck at the fallen bigas in a most unorthodox manner.

    Archive 2003-02-01

  • Quando deponunt domas suas mansionarias, semper vertunt portam ad meridiem; et consequenter collocant bigas cum arcis hinc et inde prope domum ad dimidium iactum lapidis: ita quod domus stat inter duos ordines bigarum quasi inter duos muros.

    The iournal of frier William de Rubruquis a French man of the order of the minorite friers, vnto the East parts of the worlde. An. Dom. 1253.


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