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  • adj. Slang Speaking loudly or indiscreetly; loudmouthed.
  • adj. Having a large mouth.

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  • adj. Loud or talkative, especially in an indiscreet manner.
  • adj. Having a large mouth.

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  • adj. unwisely talking too much


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

big +‎ mouthed


  • Well, I guess if I want to abdicate my position as a father figure to some bigmouthed ex-jock with a whistle around his neck play-acting Vince Lombardi to a bunch of impressionable little boys, then by the fu#@ed up parameters of modern parenting I'm doing my son a huge disservice.

    Youth Sports

  • In fact, NONE of the bigmouthed blowhards EVER appears on a blog.

    Berg alert

  • After all, Carville is an uncouth, bigmouthed, partisan hack, a Clinton sycophant who is not schooled in the nuances of policy.

    40 More Years

  • Forget a mans service, forget Max Clelland losing his limbs for his country, anyone who disagrees with a Cocaine addicted AWOL from the National Guard spoiled rich boy President, and his fat, ivy league never served a day in uniform bigmouthed political consultant, is a traitor right?

    Think Progress » Murtha on Rove: ‘He’s Sitting in His Air-Conditioned Office on His Big, Fat Backside, Saying Stay the Course’

  • U.S.A. is the world's greatest rivervalley fringed with mountains and hills, U.S.A. is a set of bigmouthed officials with too many bankaccounts.


  • You could tell that under all that bigmouthed bluster there was something darker going on.

    The Bloomsday Dead

  • Future titles will showcase an awesome array of heroines such as a surfer punk, a martial-arts master, and a bigmouthed blogger.

    Hot Type

  • A lot of bigmouthed, phony macho men like you need a little spanking.


  • He was seventeen when the adventures began: bigmouthed, perhaps not quite as quick on his feet as he liked to imagine, and tending to be, like many optimists, a little excitable. he was not, in any conventional way, handsome.

    Excerpt: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon

  • Some bigmouthed bookseller called Gustavo Barcelo had been boasting to a group of collectors about having located a copy of The Shadow of the Wind.

    The Shadow of the Wind


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