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  • adv. In a bilateral manner

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a bilateral manner; on both sides: as, a bilaterally symmetrical larva.

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  • adv. so as to involve two sides or parts
  • adv. with the involvement of two parties or governments


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  • The official said he was encouraged that Mr. Wen advocated resolving the issue through dialogue with claimant countries but didn't mention the word "bilaterally" as Chinese officials normally do when discussing the matter.

    China's Wen Discusses South China Sea Issue

  • For instance, he didn't use the word "bilaterally" when talking about resolving disputes, which the White House took to mean he wasn't ruling out multilateral negotiations.

    Obama Pushes New Asia Ties

  • When we look at Mount Rushmore (perhaps long after the human species has disappeared), we notice that it resembles certain bilaterally symmetrical organisms, heads with openings for respiration, funnels for auditory sensation, and lenses for the focusing of light much like other organisms, extinct or extant, found on the planet, er, Earth I think it's called.

    Conceptualizing Design

  • In one year I completed some experimental work on desoxycorticosterone-induced hypertension in bilaterally nephrectomized rats kept alive for several weeks by peritoneal dialysis; that constituted the material for the thesis necessary in the French system to obtain the M.D. degree, which I obtained in Lyon upon the defense of that dissertation, in 1949.

    Roger Guillemin - Autobiography

  • The moves are designed to boost transparency in the derivatives market and improve risk management for deals that have traditionally been done over-the-counter OTC: in other words, in private via brokerages or "bilaterally" between individual institutions.

    UK clearing house LCH.Clearnet spurns £400m US bid

  • Clinton previously said the United States was willing to meet bilaterally with North Korea but only within the framework of the six-party talks.

    Clinton puts best face on North Korea meeting

  • Daley, of course, is a loon if he think the best way to do this is through the Hague and not bilaterally.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Mayor Daley and other Mayors: Seek “redress against the gun industry” in the World Court 

  • Vertebrates as a clade might not exist, but motile bilaterally symmetrical organisms seem plausible, perhaps even with sensory organs housed in a bony head.

    A Good Saturday Evening Flick

  • We also believe the UK – bilaterally and as part of the EU – has an important role to demonstrate to Israel that the threshold of acceptable behaviour has been perilously transgressed.

    UK: Muslim extremists target Jews

  • In addition, as the U.N. Security Council and Asean have urged both countries to resolve the border problem bilaterally, in line with Thailand's position, there is no reason for us to "balk" or take any action to derail these processes.

    Don't Blame Thailand for Border Clashes


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