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  • n. A termination of English nouns from adjectives in -ble, as in nobility, capability, credibility, etc., from noble, capable, credible, etc. See -able.


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  • The second possi­bility is that Idon’t get it at all, and there is in fact some crazy emer­gent magic about the exis­tence of tweets in people’s lives that is obscure to me but exists and justi­fies an enor­mous degree of upcry and hulla­baloo amongst the tech­no­log­i­cally literate and celebrity tech­nology jour­nal­istsalike. » Blog Archive » Twitter in 140 Characters or Less: Trivial

  • Add to the mix 10 airbags, sta bility control and rollover sensors, automatic headlamps, and seat-belt pretensioning mechanisms in the front seats.

    Brand-New and Almost Out of Date

  • At e-bility. com, he writes about the first song he heard with a disability theme, "There's a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere."

    Rock on: Disability in popular song

  • Earlier this week, Irish President Mary McAleese signed into law the Credit Institutions Sta bility Act 2010 on the revamp of the country's banking sector, and the European Commission approved the capital injection for Allied Irish Banks.

    Ireland Takes Over Another of Its Banks

  • A horrible doubt came into my mind as I approached the door lest the dog might be loose, but I remembered that Toller had drunk himself into a state of insensi - bility that evening, and I knew that he was the only one in the household who had any influence with the savage creature, or who would venture to set him free.

    Sole Music

  • Less than one full day human, he was hardly ready to think of taking on that responsi - bility.

    The Beast That Resembles A Poem(A Handy Resource for Architects,Engineers, and Students)

  • The official accident report issued by the national safety board of Thailand does not explicitly mention electromagnetic interference, but does repeatedly call attention to the possi-bility that the thrust reverser (whose activation entails a combination of hydraulic and electrical systems) may have been initiated by an "electrical wiring anomaly" such as a "hot short," possibilities they could not fully explore due to the destruction of the wiring during the crash.

    There Is Nothing Left To Do But Care

  • None of us can deny these threats, or escape responsi [bility] in meeting them.

    Address to the People of Berlin

  • If by some lucky stroke, it became possible to legislate in this country and on the Continent for the protection of the small crafts­man, the ownership of property by the average member of the community and the return of responsi­bility to the family, the possibility might soon be realised of yet another collapse.

    G.K.'s Weekly - Two Difficulties

  • September 13, 2008 at 7:51 am taht iz gud nooz, i alwayz finks abowt teh online frenz wen tehre iz fings goin on. liek teh bad wevver. or hashim an qasim in pakistan wen tehre iz polly tickle insta bility. iz gud nooz owr frenz in hyootun area are ok, glad tehy letted sumwun kno!

    Your call is important to us. - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?


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