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  • adj. Having two hands (rather than any other distal part of a forelimb).

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  • adj. Having two hands; two-handed.

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  • Having two hands.
  • Specifically In zoology, belonging to or having the characters of the Bimana.


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Latin bi ("two") + manus ("hand")


  • The terms "bimanous" and "quadrumanous" had been already employed by Buffon in 1766, but not applied in a strict zoological classification till so used by Blumenbach.

    The Antiquity of Man

  • In dealing with the suggestion that man differs from the apes in being bimanous, while the apes are quadrumanous, Huxley first explained and discussed what the exact differences between hands and feet are.

    Thomas Henry Huxley A Sketch Of His Life And Work

  • Martian humanity is, in fact, a race of sextuple origin; but it is, at present, biped, bimanous and what may be called bipennate, since those beings have two wings.

    Part III, Chapter III of "Uranie"

  • Lamarck had already recognised that the descent of man from a series of other Vertebrates -- that is, from a series of Ape-like Primates -- was essentially involved in the general theory of transformation which he had erected on a broad inductive basis; and he had sufficient penetration to detect the agencies that had been at work in the evolution of the erect bimanous man from the arboreal and quadrumanous ape.

    Evolution in Modern Thought

  • The friar made a sign toward the door, which the alferez closed in his own way -- with a kick, for he had found his hands superfluous and had lost nothing by ceasing to be bimanous.

    The Social Cancer


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