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  • adv. Eye dialect spelling of by and by.


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  • S'pose me no kill 'm him, bimeby he give me plenty tobacco, plenty calico, plenty everything too much.

    Chapter 23

  • S'pose me kill 'm big fella marster, bimeby plenty white fella marster walk about Binu cross like hell.

    Chapter 23

  • "You hully up, Boss," the old man cried, "or mebbe bimeby you no catch 'um dinnah."

    Murder Canyon

  • He'll come for'ard bimeby and he'll growl at the cook;

    Dom Pedro

  • "Oh, I's middlin '; hain't got noth'n' to complain of, I's gwine to come a-court'n you bimeby, Roxy."

    Pudd'nhead Wilson

  • Guess I'll give you twenty-five dollars a week, anyhow, for one week sartain; and then, if we suit each other, we can raise the pile bimeby.

    She and I, Volume 2 A Love Story. A Life History.

  • Than me, -- bimeby I'll tell ye how I fin'lly come to merry her.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 09, No. 51, January, 1862

  • I had on my blew pants that was made from dads that had got too tite fer him, and I thot when it begin to rain Toby wood beat it, but he just set their and didnt move till bimeby mister Burton come along and yankt him away by the color.

    Deer Godchild

  • Fust the king hit the subjeck bingo in the eye then the subjeck he pincht the babys tail, you no Snookies, and bimeby Mother come runnin in and stuck them all in bed, but it was a buly fite.

    Deer Godchild

  • So I took the mirrors and stood on the corner of School street, and bimeby the men begin to come home from the city, and some of them stopt to buy a Mirror and some did not, so I thot I wood make an appeel so I hollered, Buy a Mirror fer a kid in France, and waived it in there faces, and you shood have seen them buy!

    Deer Godchild


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