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  • n. Medicine See marker.
  • n. Medicine A specific physical trait used to measure or indicate the effects or progress of a disease or condition: Biomarkers of aging include thinning of the hair and diminished elasticity of the skin.

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  • n. A substance used as an indicator of a biological state, most commonly disease.


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bio- +‎ marker


  • Secondhand smoke exposure was validated further using a short-term biomarker of exposure-the Level of cot nine in the umbilical cord blood at the time of delivery.

    Effects of Secondhand Smoke on Children's Health

  • The hunt is on for a so-called biomarker, a characteristic or substance—or, more likely, several substances—in the body that will indicate if someone is sleepy and, if so, how sleepy.

    Stopping Sleepiness

  • The new approach, called the biomarker test looks for indirect evidence of hgh use.

    BBC News - Home

  • BU researchers had previously developed a so-called biomarker, or predictor of disease, measured in the smoker's bronchial airway epithelium.

    Jacksonville Business News - Local Jacksonville News | Jacksonville Business Journal

  • One of the most pressing missions right now is to find a biomarker, which is a way to identify the disease and the tendency toward the disease in patients who are asymptomatic. - News

  • A previous study by the same researchers reported a gene expression biomarker capable of distinguishing cytologically normal bronchial airway epithelial cells from smokers with and without lung cancer, serving as an early diagnostic biomarker for lung cancer.


  • A biomarker is a protein measured in the blood whose concentration can indicate the presence or severity of disease.


  • Therefore, unlike most prior published studies, we did not find evidence of a gene expression biomarker for chronic fatiguing illness.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • A biomarker is a measurable biological substance that acts as an indicator of either health or disease.

    National Institutes of Health (NIH) News Releases

  • A biomarker is a specific biochemical in the body that measures disease or the effects of treatment.

    Health News from Medical News Today


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