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  • n. Plural form of biome.


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  • The existence of plant and animal endemisms, particularly in biomes in the middle and high mountains were basic indicators for recognizing the singular nature of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and establishing the status as of Biosphere Reserve in this biogeographic unit.

    Santa Marta páramo

  • With its seven separate "biomes," Biosphere II is intended to be completely self-sufficient; inhabitants will produce all their own food and recycle their own air, water and waste, receiving only sunlight, electricity and electronic communications from outside.

    Biosphere Ii: Science Or Showmanship?

  • WarCry: Going back to "biomes" for a bit, I understand in Book 13 you will be debuting a new zone [Forochel] which will be the first to feature open water.

    WarCry Network : Latest News

  • It's one of the more inspirational things, if not the most inspirational, that I've seen, "said Sneed B. Collard III after he explored inflated" biomes "depicting five of the world's distinctive ecosystems. Latest News

  • I believe the eventual dissapearance of Neanderthals was likely from many factors, including climate change and being pushed off the most productive biomes by Cro Magnon the "Sea hominid" as Homo Sapiens developed such things as archery and boats.

    Some time back Dave Petzel made an excellent post concering the last days of Neanderthal man.

  • My own "Civilizations" 2001 surveyed arid and aquatic biomes.

    Any Drop to Drink?

  • I also hate when fantasy worlds disregard actual geography … you know, deserts on the windward side of a mountain, really goofy biomes, and goofy weather.

    Just enough fact «

  • To celebrate its 10th anniversary, The Eden Project has imaginatively commissioned NoFit State Circus to devise a show for its biomes.

    This week's new theatre

  • Hellman's climate-controlled biomes are a novel way of understanding whether our insect relatives will thrive or struggle in new homes and her work is already yielding interesting findings.

    Frank Sesno: Bugging Out: Could Climate Change Make the Insect Instinct Go Haywire?

  • In Brazil's other biomes, landowners must maintain either 20% or 35% of their land as untouched reserves.

    Kátia Abreu: The New Brazilian Forest Code: A Product of Political Consensus


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