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  • adj. of, related to, or produced by biomimetics


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  • A widely used strategy is the use of so-called biomimetic studies, in which the process of biomineralization is simulated by a simplified system in a laboratory. - latest science and technology news stories

  • The world last year also got a glimpse of Japan's first child-robot, the CB2, with a so-called "biomimetic" body designed to learn and interact just like a human infant, mimicking a mother-baby relationship.

    Yahoo! News: Latest news headlines News Headlines | Top Stories

  • This biomimetic windmill sports 19-ft. wings of aluminum and carbon fiber that rotate to and fro — à la bumblebees, hummingbirds and dragonflies — to produce 1-10 kW of wind power suitable for homes and small businesses.

    Kevin Gardner | Inhabitat

  • It exhibits the biomimetic qualities of an exoskeleton or possibly a coral.

    Sustainable Design Update » Blog Archive » Vertical Farm - Stackable Highrise - Mexico City

  • Aspects such as natural ventilation, a safe water supply, an on-site power generator that uses solar, wind and biofuel and biomimetic design features will all be incorporated to create a building that is environmentally and financially sustainable for the people of Haiti.

    Rick Fedrizzi: Two Years Later: Rebuilding a Resilient Future for Haiti

  • Given the trend in computing and robotics to learn from biological examples, I like to think that our selection amplifiers and suppressors could find all kinds of uses in the brave new world of evolutionary robotics and in biomimetic machines.


  • Bharat Bhushan, director of the Nanoprobe Laboratory for Bio and Nanotechnology & Biomimetics at Ohio State University, estimates that the revenue from the top 100 biomimetic products totaled $1.5 billion between 2005 and 2008.

    Nature Is the Model Factory

  • Habitat 2020 is a future forward example of biomimetic architecture that fuses high-tech ideas with basic cellular functions to create ‘living’ structures that operate like natural organisms.

    Mahesh Basantani | Inhabitat

  • Some call this a biomimetic design because it picks up on sea shells and naturally occurring spirals, but in my vocabulary biomimetic designs are more than cosmetics layered over a traditional structure.

    Sustainable Design Update » Blog Archive » Chicago Spire

  • "The results will inform all future research into maneuvering flight in animals and biomimetic flying robots," wrote University of Montana, Missoula biomechanicist

    Wired Top Stories


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