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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the biosphere


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  • Brahms soars over your garden, crucible of biospheric hopes.

    Mel Averner - NASA Watch

  • By far, most of the biospheric carbon - about 1.6 trillion tons - is found in soils.

    Bill Chameides: Are We Dining on a Carbon Sink?

  • If some extractive natural subsector gets scarce we will just substitute other sectors for it and growth of the whole economy will continue, not into any restraining biospheric envelope, but into sidereal space presumably full of resource-bearing asteriods and friendly highly-evolved aliens eager to teach us how to grow forever into their territory.

    From a Failed Growth Economy to a Steady-State Economy

  • Throughout this whole process, from the beginning of time to the very edge of the future, as the energy and intelligence that has been driving cosmic, planetary, biospheric, animal, human, and cultural evolution, we have been here at every step.

    Andrew Z. Cohen: Awakening to Evolution

  • To better understand the biogeochemical cycles of carbon and other elements, and the role of biospheric processes like photosynthesis, respiration and the storage of carbon in soils and vegetation, researchers have developed a variety of global biogeochemical models (e.g. CASA).


  • Modeling plays an especially important role in understanding biospheric patterns and processes because there is only one earth: it is impossible to conduct global experiments on the entire biosphere or complete global processes (though some consider our current use of fossil fuels to be such an experiment).


  • Despite Obama's victory, there is no sign that our government - trapped by inertia and beholden to hordes of special interests - can confront the biospheric crisis that our species has unleashed on the earth.

    Daniel Pinchbeck: Toward 2012

  • Once the global Citizen's Dividend is comprehended, negotiated and operative, it must be held in "trusteeship" by each of us and would lead to 'species environment friendly' governance, and a sustainable age of biospheric performance.

    GEONOMICS: Meet the Minimum Needs of All (MMNA)

  • Though they are well weaponized, we must re-witness the need for removal of this take (while the rest were poorly organized), by the global elite by raising consciousness on 'ground rent' unpaid by them on natural resources that constitute biospheric "common wealth" of human beings and other species.

    GEONOMICS: Meet the Minimum Needs of All (MMNA)

  • It's all a matter of trimming-and-tailoring a thawed Mars to the "biospheric optimum," he concluded.

    June 25th, 2007


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