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  • n. a terrorist employing biological weapons
  • adj. of or relating to a bioterrorist or bioterrorism


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  • In the 3rd season of 24, a bioterrorist is trying to release a plague all over the US, and Hero Guy lets him escape in order to save his wife.

    The Damsel Effect

  • Within hours the artist was detained as a suspected 'bioterrorist' as dozens of agents in hazmat suits sifted through his work and impounded his computers, manuscripts, books, his cat, and even his wife's body.

    GreenCine Daily: Sundance. Strange Culture.

  • CORZINE: Well, if you're going to have the right laboratories, if you're going to have the right kinds of networks, communication networks to allow people to respond to a pandemic, a flu pandemic or any kind of bioterrorist attack, you're going to need the resources to be able to respond.

    CNN Transcript Dec 15, 2004

  • A shocking new indictment really of the readiness to respond to any kind of bioterrorist attack.

    CNN Transcript Dec 15, 2004

  • Boortz stirred up fears that the virus was some sort of "bioterrorist" plot, asking, 'What better way to sneak a virus into this country than to give it to Mexicans?'

    field negro

  • Scientists need the living virus, they say, to make a better vaccine and finish developing the first treatments in case the deadly microbe is unleashed again - by accident, by a bioterrorist or by re-creating it from the computerized records of its DNA sequences.

    Should last remaining known smallpox virus die?

  • They might be applicable both to bioterrorist threats and to infectious diseases like ebola, West Nile virus and SARS.

    The $6 Billion Bio-Defense Opportunity

  • Global health officials are expected to decide this week whether to grant a stay of execution to the last known stocks of smallpox, a move the U.S. argues is critical for the development of medicines to counter a potential bioterrorist attack.

    Verdict on Smallpox Cache Near

  • I don't know whose garden this is, but I think he's a bioterrorist.

    I have a cold! Or do I? Can I Google it?

  • Anthrax bacteria have been manufactured as an agent of biological warfare and members of the military would be at greatest risk during a bioterrorist attack.

    Anthrax Vaccine


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