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  • n. The habit of standing and walking on two feet; the state of being bipedal

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  • n. the bodily attribute of being bipedal; having two feet


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  • In his book The Hunting Apes: Meat Eating and the Origins of Human Behavior, anthropologist Craig Stanford of the University of Southern California brings to attention the chief differences between humans and chimpanzees, namely bipedalism and larger brain size in humans.

    Chimps Have Culture

  • All it did was change the background narrative by implying that we did not evolve bipedalism as a mechanism of looking up over the tall grasses.

    Harlan Ellison on God

  • Other's have noted these differences and taken them out of context, one going so far as to publish a news article in Al-Jazeerah titled something along of the lines of "Ardi proves Darwin wrong" (google it) – as if the idea that we got one hypothetical detail in a potential mechanism for the evolution of bipedalism wrong somehow refutes the entire Theory of Evolution.

    Harlan Ellison on God

  • The scientists working on the project hypothesized as to why: bipedalism would have freed the upper limbs for other functions, potentially as a means of gathering more food for a central family unit.

    Harlan Ellison on God

  • Before we can truly say we have a strong case for the * actual* cause of the evolution of bipedalism (the primary trait separating us from our closest cousins) we need to find an even older specimen that has not yet fully made that transition - and then ask the question: "What environment does this creature live in?"

    Harlan Ellison on God

  • If God is a product of evolution, like bipedalism and tool making, well, the jig's up and not just for evangelicals.

    Pete Enns: Once More, With Feeling: Adam, Evolution And Evangelicals

  • Climbing is in our genes, a hangover from childhood and our distant ancestors who developed bipedalism and started walking.

    Wayne Hale's NASA Blog: Why Climb the Highest Mountain? - NASA Watch

  • For example, we share a mode of locomotion, bipedalism, with birds, kangaroos, and some dinos.

    Matt J. Rossano: Evolution: Is God Just Playing Dice?

  • Wood thinks Thorpe's findings put these fossil apes in a new light and that they may have been true bipeds that evolved bipedalism to reach for fruit.

    On the trail of the orang pendek, Sumatra's mystery ape | Richard Freeman

  • If we can prove this creature exists, not only will it be an astounding zoological discovery but it may give us more clues to how bipedalism evolved in our own species.

    On the trail of the orang pendek, Sumatra's mystery ape | Richard Freeman


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