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  • n. Plural form of biped.


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  • Watching those who were watching the bipeds was the entire population of that world, who in deference to the new arrivals 'whim would henceforth refer to themselves as Cocytans.

    The Dig

  • As a teenager I avidly devoured stories of hairy bipeds glimpsed through snowstorms, strange cries echoing across glaciers, or enigmatic footprints in the snow.

    Getting to Know a Real 'Abominable Snowman'

  • Aristotle's approach to the subject is to ask "why some animals are footless, others bipeds, others quadrupeds, others polypods, and why all have an even number of feet, if they have feet at all; why in fine the points on which progression depends are even in number."

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Wood thinks Thorpe's findings put these fossil apes in a new light and that they may have been true bipeds that evolved bipedalism to reach for fruit.

    On the trail of the orang pendek, Sumatra's mystery ape | Richard Freeman

  • Then there's that impressive skill set: barking, whimpering and rolling over on cue; fending off malefactors; rescuing bipeds with higher billing from burning buildings.

    Hollywood Is Going to the Dogs

  • It would see two humanoid bipeds approach each other, touch their fronts together, and briefly wrap their upper appendages around each other.

    World Wide Mind

  • They are large bipeds with big leathery wings, horns on their head and tails.

    Ten of the best

  • The race of men was to her a race of garmented bipeds, with hands and faces and hair-covered heads.

    Chapter 4

  • After all, the defining human characteristic is not compassion or the ability to walk upright or our vague mistrust of the Prudential lady or even the notion that we are featherless bipeds possessing a soul.

    Cell phones alter brain activity? Of course!

  • While the vast majority of those sweets will be gobbled up by us bipeds, some will unfortunately fall into the paws and mouths of our four-legged friends.

    Halloween can be no treat for pets


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