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  • n. A region of magnetic flux having two distinct poles
  • n. An electrical power transmission line having two direct-current conductors in opposite polarity.


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bi- +‎ pole


  • SHEINKOPF: Government bipole and campaign bipoles generally have the same result, stagnation.

    CNN Transcript Aug 2, 2008

  • The releaser is a related compound that forms a bipole with each molecule of the addictive substance.

    The Grand Wheel

  • I have a pair of Image 6 towers for my mains, a matching center and a pair of their bipole S5 surrounds on the sides.

    Home Theater Forum

  • Secure, easy to install mounting plates, selectable bipole/dipole switches, and brilliant sound have earned the accolades of reviewers and owners alike.

    Home Theater Forum

  • A switch beneath one of its two grilles selects bipole, dipole, or monopole operation.

    Home Theater RSS Feed

  • The idea is that I am wondering if I could run two pairs of front speakers in a bipole fashion.

    Home Theater Forum

  • This new dipole / bipole speaker is designed specifically for those with height applications - speakers that are intended to be placed above your head to enhance soundstage dimensionality.

    Big Picture Big Sound - Home Theater, HDTV, Movie Reviews

  • For the new speakers, each series has three models-a two-way LR front-channel speaker, two-way horizontal MTM center channel and a dipole / bipole selectable surround speaker.

    Electronic House Recently Filed

  • If music is the prime use for the surround system then I might suggest a direct-firing speaker instead of a dipole or bipole for its more pronounced directionality.

    Audiophile Audition Headlines

  • Valuable Lesson 14: For surround speakers, try to get bipole or dipole speakers.

    The Sydney Morning Herald News Headlines


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