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  • n. Any of six isomeric bicyclic heterocycles consisting of two pyridine molecules directly linked; their derivatives have many industrial applications


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  • Current research involves the study of iron molecular complexes, such as iron bipyridine, that after photoexcitation turn from nonmagnetic to magnetic. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Using their new theoretical approach, Quek and Neaton, together with Hybertsen and collaborators Steven G. Louie of University of California Berkeley and Hyoung Joon Choi of Yonsei University in Korea, began to study the conductance of a junction between gold electrodes and bipyridine-a benzene-like ring molecule containing nitrogen.

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  • In the STM experiment, as you pull, just after the final strand of gold atoms breaks and snaps back, the vertical gap is not big enough for bipyridine, so it bonds at an angle.

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  • The story that emerged was surprisingly detailed: if bipyridine bonded at an angle, more current could flow compared with when the bipyridine bonded vertically.

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  • This suggests the conductance of bipyridine was linked to the molecule's orientation in the junction, explained Quek.

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  • "For this particular molecule, bipyridine, experiments can reproducibly and reliably alter these atomic-scale features back and forth to switch the conductance of the junction."

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  • Here we report a synthetic strategy for the preparation of a molecular trefoil knot from a flexible bipyridine oligomer and a zinc (

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