from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A lobeliaceous plant, Heterotoma lobelioides, from Mexico, with yellow irregular flowers somewhat resembling a bird. Also called canary-bird flower.


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  • The bird-plant rose above the highest decaying spire of Castle Zombie, above the tattered and slimy zombie flag, and above most of the trees of the region.

    Dragon on a Pedestal

  • She nudged the bird-plant with her knee and it took off.

    Dragon on a Pedestal

  • She nudged the bird-plant, and made it another upward loop.

    Dragon on a Pedestal

  • They glided to the turret, the bird-plant still trying to balk.

    Dragon on a Pedestal

  • a kind of bird-plant, to take you to Tarfeather, the Foke's present secret home.

    In Other Worlds


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