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  • adj. silly and frivolous; empty-headed


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  • The place was cluttered and cozy, filled with knickknacks and pets: a cageful of ornamental finches whose aimless twittering gave Joanna a whole new insight into the term "birdbrained"; Pella's two fat pugs about whom Joanna, a cat person, privately agreed with the Regent; and, to Joanna's great delight, a five-foot boa constrictor dozing in wintry torpor in a big glass cabinet built into the side of the chimney.

    The Silicon Mage

  • My favorites are brainless, witless, imbecilic, birdbrained, halfwitted and the ultimate putdown: chowderheaded.

    Matthew Yglesias » Journalists, Bloggers, and Status Anxiety

  • Are people now birdbrained to understand that Hillary Clinton thinks that America belongs to her.

    Clinton: Democratic nomination process needs to change

  • As Obama supporters were ever more certainly avowing the progressive superiority of their candidate, they had fixed on another explanation besides birdbrained female solidarity for why people were still voting for Clinton: racism.

    Big Girls Don’t Cry

  • Currently, one birdbrained practitioner of these attacks is Byron York, who questions Senator John Edwards 'wealth.

    Cliff Schecter: You Guys Ever Hear Of FDR?

  • Maybe that's an utter birdbrained statement, but there you are - it's mine.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • Republicans hate immigrants, hate gays, hate blacks, hate jews, shreak and smear and then cry the loudest when someone is tough on their birdbrained notions.

    Mark Kirk's Mistake

  • “That was just a piece of birdbrained luck that took any sting from Reds,” Diller says.

    Thunder on the Left

  • Being birdbrained, no one crow could carry much of the whole.

    Soldiers Live

  • The two elves just stood and stared, one of them jabbering at him in that birdbrained tongue of theirs.

    The Dragons of Krynn


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