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  • n. Alternative spelling of bit rot.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From bit + rot.


  • The price we pay is great applications will stall even start to "bitrot" without achieving their full potential.

    Planet KDE

  • That means GV Mobile will eventually suffer bitrot like any other piece of unmaintained software on any other platform.

    Making Light: The "agency model" as I understand it

  • If some match modifies parts that a later patch removes, bitrot can still happen.

    Planet Debian

  • Thus those patches by itself are never directly used, unless the maintainer regularly tests them, they are essentially untested and will see bitrot.

    Planet Debian

  • Thus they get wide testing and bitrot cannot happen that easily.

    Planet Debian

  • Enter is recompiled against Krita trunk regularly so it doesn't bitrot.

    Planet KDE

  • We'd like your help to get these submissions reviewed and if necessary sent upstream so that they don't bitrot and to encourage people to continue helping us improve open source software.

    The Fridge

  • Is this cancer, is this bitrot? is this the all singing, all dancing, mathematically leveling devastation of our youth we've all been promised?

    LA Weekly | Complete Issue

  • The Timeline itself has suffered bitrot badly as well, with sources getting tangled up and lost as it has been added to and moved sites multiple times.

    Raph's Website

  • Parts that are not maintained by the core team are often very ad-hoc, lack design and bitrot easily.

    Planet GNOME


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