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  • Black men filling our prisons, black children unable to read or caught in a gangland shooting, the black homeless sleeping on grates and in the parks of our nation’s capital-we take these things for granted, as part of the natural order, a tragic situation, perhaps, but not one for which we are culpable, and certainly not something subject to change.

    The Audacity of Hope

  • He told me if I did not teach the black children of Murray county he would force the Ku

    My life and travels,

  • “It’s always struck me as miraculous the Feds were able to get so much cooperation in the Wayne Williams case,” she said, referring to the grisly twenty-two-month spree in Atlanta, in which it is believed that as many as thirty black children were murdered by the same serial killer.

    Body of Evidence

  • I know how sixty years ago, the NAACP's James Hinton dared to ask why white children could ride buses to school but black children had to walk.

    Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: A Challenge for Our Times

  • Then there’s the collapse of the two-parent black household, a phenomenon that is occurring at such an alarming rate when compared to the rest of American society that what was once a difference in degree has become a difference in kind, a phenomenon that reflects a casualness toward sex and child rearing among black men that renders black children more vulnerable-and for which there is simply no excuse.

    The Audacity of Hope


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