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  • n. Plural form of blandishment.


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  • He was offered many blandishments which is to say:

    NPR Topics: News

  • Arguably none exist this year, at least as regards large states; the possibility that Virginia, which like Texas and a few others still has greater-than-average sense of itself as a state, might be subject to such blandishments is undoubtedly why Tim Kaine’s name gets mooted about. Veepstakes: I'll Guess Sebelius

  • America is a country that is high on fantasy -- that's why our political discussions denigrate so rapidly into accusations and one-word blandishments ... because it's convenient.

    Mike Ragogna: From D.C.'s Kennedy Center to East Of Angel Town: Conversations with Branford Marsalis and Peter Cincotti

  • At various times during the fifteen years preceding the war, they had seen men of strong anti-slavery professions, with strong anti-slavery constituencies, "palter in a double sense" when intrusted with the duties of a representative in Congress, and fall from the faith, influenced by what were termed the blandishments of power, or as was sometimes more plainly said, corrupted by the gifts of patronage.

    Twenty Years of Congress, Volume 2 (of 2) From Lincoln to Garfield, with a Review of the Events Which Led to the Political Revolution of 1860

  • The law, the church, letters, art, and politics all enticed him; but he could not decide of which mistress the blandishments were the sweetest.

    The Bertrams

  • One of these jokes, a customary one, was that his wife was neither pretty nor young; one of the "blandishments," I suppose, was an epigram by Sir

    The Age of the Reformation

  • At the time of the deal, Japan was impoverished, flattened by the war, and Americans harbored a lot of Cold War fears that the Japanese could be susceptible to Communist blandishments.

    The Good Fight

  • Even volunteering organisations are cautious, noting that stable volunteer numbers do not support Cameron's notion of frustrated little platoons requiring only a few further blandishments to march into action, recycling bags at the ready.

    Do we really want to be policed by hobby bobbies?

  • The key terms that Hitchens uses to describe that worldview are familiar in the rhetoric of atheism: superstition, false consolation, "mind-forged manacles of servility," "stultifying pseudo-science," and of course, the blandishments of organized religion.

    Deepak Chopra: The Atheist's Mistake

  • Not surprising - girls who play sports are more likely to have high self esteem, and are less likely to give in to the blandishments of unscrupulous young men.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Impact of Title IX


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