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  • noun Plural form of blasphemer.


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  • Why does Josephus not lambast these 'blasphemers' when he says that Jesus was a wise man?

    More Mythicist-Creationist Parallels

  • Start with Leviticus 24: 16 in the Torah/Old Testament, which states clearly that "blasphemers" who question the Lord are to be stoned to death.

    Ali A. Rizvi: The Atheist Bus Campaign: Why it's Okay to Offend the Religious

  • Anti-Trinitarians, moreover, were considered to be particularly abhorrent, veritable "blasphemers" who had wholly abandoned Christianity.

    Poland's Past

  • It was that ecclesiastical dragon of the times, Abner Kneeland, and his society of "blasphemers," who proved afresh the truth of that scripture which says: "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven."

    William Lloyd Garrison The Abolitionist

  • Under the theocracy no such loose system was possible, for heresy might enter in three different ways; first, under the early law, "blasphemers" might form a congregation and from thence creep into the company; second, an established church might fall into error; third, an unsound minister might be chosen, who would debauch his flock by securing the admission of sectaries to the sacrament.

    The Emancipation of Massachusetts

  • Three "blasphemers," who had never injured man, woman or child, were travelling to gaol under a collective sentence of two years 'imprisonment, for no other crime than honestly criticising a dishonest creed.

    Prisoner for Blasphemy

  • That seems to be the case in Pakistan where the main religious blocs, and the government, prosecute "blasphemers":

    The Guardian World News

  • : If "blasphemers" can be interpreted as those who use Islam to advocate violence, that would be a positive step.

    Stand Firm

  • But how is it possible that an all-loving Allah would want his believers to persecute 'blasphemers'?

    Welcome to Islam-Watch

  • In turn, there would have been no Muhammad cartoons or Christian "blasphemers" of the Koran either.

    The Brussels Journal - The Voice of Conservatism in Europe


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