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  • n. The action of the verb to blazon; the activity of describing heraldic coats of arms.
  • v. Present participle of blazon.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In heraldry, the art of describing armorial bearings. See blazon, n.


From Old French blason "shield". (Wiktionary)


  • This art will be usefull in blazoning arms on monuments for inscriptions tables of the decalogue over the altars &c as by this method they will be preserved ages from the injuries of the weather. tho at the same time the stone itself will be somewhat hurt or corroded by the Air.

    The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe

  • Translucent vase resting in a corner; soft, blazoning rose floating inside — thin blue light wavers everything in the living room — a grainy leaf turns in the murk.

    We Stabbed and a Mighty Scarf Shot Red

  • She came out of the wood of glistening birch, and with the first fires of the sun blazoning her unbound hair raced lightly across the dew-dripping meadow.


  • Translucent vase resting in a corner; soft, blazoning rose floating inside — thin blue light wavered everything in the living room — a grainy leaf turned in the murk, the rose rolled in its oval abyss.

    Carolina Grüber: I

  • We are sailing due westward and the sun, yet two hours high, is blazoning a fiery glory on the sea that spreads and gleams like some broad, jeweled trail, to where the blue and distant shadow-land lifts its carven front aloft, leaving, as it gropes, shades of shadows beyond.


  • Each one is a perfect, compelling mystery, suitable for hanging in one's household shrine or blazoning across the back of a fine kimono.

    The Black Heart Gang's Tale of How

  • He read the glorious blazoning of the firmament! — ay, when sordid moles shall become lynxes.

    Quentin Durward

  • ‘Certainly, I shall not: but you say you are going to tell your sister; and she will tell your brothers when they come home, and Brown immediately, if you do not tell her yourself; and Brown will blazon it, or be the means of blazoning it, throughout the country.’

    Agnes Grey

  • There was one small change I could make; I did so now, balancing precariously on my wall perch, once more holding the laser between my teeth as I loosed the seam seal and pulled off my overtunic with its bold blazoning.

    The Zero Stone

  • When Hertz discovered that electric waves crossed space he unconsciously became the father of the modern system of radio-telegraphy, and though he did not live to put or see any practical results from his wonderful discovery, to him in a large measure should be accorded the honor of blazoning the way for many of the intellectual giants who came after him.

    Marvels of Modern Science


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