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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of bleat.


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  • The newly-awakened sheep bleated from the hills, and the umbrageous herbage, dropping dew, seemed glittering with a thousand fairy gems.

    The Scottish Chiefs

  • Happy Belated I was about to type in 'bleated' which actually would suit for the daughter of a goat judge, wouldn't it?

    Once in a Blue Moon

  • When he refused to ease down his pace and bleated about freedom of contract, independent Americanism, and the dignity of toil, they proceeded to spoil his pace-making ability.


  • He bleated in fear while mama kept trying to bump us out of the way so she could get to him.

    Mercy Kill

  • The shooter stayed with the scene until the van siren bleated out a warning to move the crowd, then turned down a street access ramp and sped away.

    Shore Thing

  • The harmful radiation from his cell phone bleated right up against his brain, whose own neural waves met the harmful rays at the entrance to his skull like the Sharks meeting the Jets, or the Bloods meeting the Kryps, or Freddy meeting Jason, or Oasis meeting anyone.

    Marc Philippe Eskenazi: Eavesdropping on New York Cell Phone Conversations

  • Reality: "My, ain't you a big fat pain in the butt?" bleated Agnes, her grating, honking baritone having its intended effect upon my nervous system.

    John Shore: Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

  • Drops bleated the sidewalk and made a sound I'd heard before, but wasn't sure where.

    Frank Meets Francine

  • Ridger: You know, since Timberlake is a speaker of American English, he would almost certainly pronounce “bleeded” and “bleated” the same.

    Book Review: Things That Make Us [Sic] makes me slightly ill « Motivated Grammar

  • Once he was clear of all obstacles and next to a tree I had ranged at 27 yards away, I settled my 25 pin on him and said "doe-bleated" to get him to stop.

    Your First Deer With a Bow


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