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  • n. A type of damalisk, an African antelope, Damaliscus pygargus phillipsi, closely related to the hartebeest.


From Afrikaans blesbok (Wiktionary)


  • That was about six months earlier than the time of which I write, and during those months I had often used this rifle for the shooting of game, such as blesbuck and also of bustards.

    Marie An Episode in The Life of the late Allan Quatermain

  • I shot several blesbuck and wildebeeste, I am sorry to say, for the gratification of mere lust of slaughter, as I could not possibly carry away the meat.

    Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer

  • Yes, there stood a small herd of blesbuck; they were not more than eighty yards away.

    Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer

  • On our way through the Orange Free State we saw immense herds of springbuck and an occasional herd of blesbuck and wildebeeste.

    Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer

  • I remember a locality called "Leeuw Dooms" where blesbuck, wildebeeste, and quagga were in almost incredible abundance.

    Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer

  • Just beyond the outskirts of the town were herds of wildebeeste, blesbuck, and quagga grazing quietly about, like so many herds of cattle.

    Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer

  • Or did some small boy voortrekker, munching, from the pocket of his blesbuck-skin jacket, dried fruit sent up by some kind tante from the far south, carelessly throw aside a stone which had been accidentally included, and was that the ancestor of those trees which used to afford us so many delightful feasts?

    Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer

  • And there, too, is the wild game, following its feeding-grounds in great armies, with the springbuck thrown out before for skirmishers; then rank upon rank of long-faced blesbuck, marching and wheeling like infantry; and last the shining troops of quagga, and the fierce-eyed shaggy vilderbeeste to take, as it were, the place of the cossack host that hangs upon an army's flanks.

    The Tale of Three Lions

  • He was engaged in crawling up a little rise of ground with the obvious intention of shooting at some blesbuck which stood in a hollow beyond with quaggas and other animals, while behind him was a mounted Kaffir who held his master's horse.

    The Ghost Kings

  • Jumping into the cart again, and leaving the dead blesbuck to look after itself for the present -- not a very safe thing to do in a country where there are so many vultures -- John, or rather Jantje, put the horses into



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