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  • v. To cease from.
  • v. To stop, desist; to cease to move, run, flow, etc., let up.
  • n. cessation; end

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  • n. Cessation; end.
  • n. a thin buckwheat pancake made with yeast and usually filled with sour cream and folded over. See also blini.
  • v. To stop; to cease; to desist.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To cease; leave off.
  • To put a stop to.
  • A Scotch form of blind.
  • n. End; cessation.


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From Middle English blinnen, from Old English blinnan ("to stop, cease"), from Proto-Germanic *bilinnanan (“to turn aside, swerve from”), from Proto-Indo-European *ley-, *leya- (“to deflect, turn away, vanish, slip”), equivalent to be- +‎ lin. Cognate with Old High German bilinnan ("to yield, stop, forlet, give away"), Old Norse linna (Swedish dialectal linna, "to pause, rest").


  • "Hoot toot, Mistress Findlay," interposed Malcolm, as his grandfather strode from the door; "ye maunna forget 'at he's auld an' blin '; an' a 'heelan' fowk's some kittle (touchy) about their legs."


  • "Ah say: 'Boss, de chaih boy's duties, dey's to be dumb, an' deef, an 'blin', an 'dey cain't see nothin', an 'dey cain't say nothin', an 'dey cain't heah nothin', and dey cain't -- '

    American Adventures A Second Trip 'Abroad at home'

  • There ' s also the original 1931 film version of " Berlin Alexanderplatz, " with a screenplay co-written by novelist Alfred D ö blin.

    A Roundup of Repertory Film

  • At NinetyEight, near Old Street in East London, an unassuming blin k-and-you'll-miss-it staircase leads to a basement

    Secret Bars Offer Whimsy Galore

  • Fry the other side for about a minute or less, then move the cooked blin to a plate.

    Peace Meals

  • But since you are drinking, most likely you will pick your blin off the communal plate with your fingers, juggle it in the palm of one hand as you ladle in the condiments with the other, and then shovel all of it into your mouth at once.

    Peace Meals

  • Despite many a restaurant menu in the States, blini is the plural form of blin, the ultra-thin, large pancake.

    Peace Meals

  • When tiny craters begin to appear on the surface, in about 1 minute or less, use a knife to separate the edges of the blin from the pan, then flip the blin.

    Peace Meals

  • And they believe that if at first you don't succeed, try, try again: Pervy blin komom ( "The first pancake is always a flop").

    That Word Won't Hunt

  • Petawn i'n AC, fe fyddwn i'n eithaf blin o weld fy nghodiad cyflog yn cael ei aberthu er mwyn i Bethan Jenkins allu ennill tipyn o kudos gyda'r werin.

    Archive 2008-03-01


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