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  • adj. Showing a great deal of bling bling, or shiny jewelry


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bling +‎ -ed


  • Not only can you upgrade the power and accuracy of each weapon, RE4-style, but each piece of your arsenal can be "blinged" for a flat fee, resulting in gold-plated rocket-propelled grenades, a platinum filigreed magnum so large it requires a foregrip, or an AK-47 covered in rubies and diamonds.

    MOTY 08

  • And then he went and had an affair with the totally untalented KATE CAPSHAW who remains Mrs. Spielberg to this day, leaving Amy to star in films like "Yentl" and to show up at Tom Stoppard's plays wearing gold muu-muus with gold sandals, looking like a kind of blinged-out Hare Krishna?

    Worshiping the Golden Caftan

  • West, who first tweeted a photo of his blinged-out teeth in July, further explained his new mouth of hardware in the November issue of Vanity Fair.

    Kanye West Flashes Diamond Teeth: "The Diamonds Were Cooler"

  • You know those annoying blinged-out sunglasses that Snooki ( "Jersey Shore's" pouf-wearing smidget) paid a couple of hundred dollars for in Miami?

    Snooki jumps on the 'Whip My Hair' bandwagon

  • And I thought, 'He's gonna be all blinged up, with attitude and a backwards baseball cap.

    Dancing With the Stars Backstage Report: Romeo's Last Dance

  • That retail palace was a piece of work -- complete with a VIP-esque level on the top devoted to Nokia's pricey, blinged-out Vertu line of phones.

    Nokia to adopt Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, scuttling Symbian

  • Joel puttered around the Las Vegas Convention Center, snapping shots of blinged out iPod boomboxes and television mounting kits for idiots.

    Boing Boing

  • Designed by artist Andreas Strauss, the Froebe is an upcycled, blinged-out container equipped with hydraulics and a ‘rich’ paint job — making for an eye-catching and unusual hangout spot to have a beer.

    Froebe: Gold-Plated Shipping Container Bling Bar | Inhabitat

  • The limited-edition Signature series, pictured here, is numbered and housed in a tastefully blinged-out gold carbon-fiber body.

    These Laptops Go to Eleven

  • Katy Perry brought her own Grammy to Sunday's award show — her 90-year-old grandmother, who wore Armani and walked with a blinged-out cane a birthday gift from Katy.

    Grammys Video: Katy Perry Reveals the Secret to a Happy Marriage


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