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  • Crooks and Liars, our newest best friend in blogistan, has the video and the transcript.


  • The weekend assignment where I come to the realization that my kids just don’t really care much about the bloggers whom I admire in blogistan.

    17 « March « 2007 « Adventures in Juggling

  • The contraction of web + log surfaced among English-based web users in the late 1990s, but gained global momentum after Google joined the web in 1998.2 In 2002, William Safire, the late New York Times columnist, introduced blog and blogger to his readers, and floated his post–9/11 concept of all combined blogs forming blogistan.3

    The English Is Coming!

  • The lack of consensus in left blogistan on Hillary being general election poison continues to astound me.

    Zogby: Today's Michigan GOP Race Down To The Wire

  • The reason the left blogistan hasn't come to a consensus (to answer westoframe's question) is that there is no obvious answer here.

    Zogby: Today's Michigan GOP Race Down To The Wire

  • Pat, with regard to Barrett's talk of the scaffold, you shouldn't eally be so surprised to see such things coming from the left - one doesn't need to spend much time in left blogistan before someone wishes violence on someone.

    I'm assailed in the local paper for failing to take the 9/11 truthers seriously.

  • Then followed bloggers, for those who perform the act of blogging and -- to encompass the burgeoning world of Web logs -- blogistan as well as the coinage of William Quick on the blog he calls The Daily Pundit, the blogosphere.

    Raving loonies, revisited

  • The idea that physical protest doesn't matter or is ineffective is absurd on its face, and yet this idea is nearly endemic to much of high profile lefty blogistan, a matter of faith more than evidence.


  • In keeping with that notion, I think the lefty blogistan should up its emphasis on the importance of rallies and protests.


  • Ah yes - any criticism of Ann is an "attack" and *must* be from evil "left blogistan" from hapless and angry empty vessels suffering from some form of psychosis, or "derangement syndrome" who inevitably will get sucked into some "vortex".

    Blind item.


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