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  • adj. Resembling a blog (a weblog on the Internet) or some aspect of one.


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blog +‎ -like


  • I'm looking for material that is "bloglike" -- either commentary / opinion or technical content.

    VMware RSS Feed

  • It would have been awesome if she had mentioned the fact that Queen Rania of Jordan has launched her own bloglike YouTube channel and if Noor had said something nice about blogs.

    Matthew Yglesias » Queen Noor on Gaza

  • You could chat, invite friends to events, post items in a classifieds section including personal ads, write bloglike columns, and use a sophisticated search function to find people with similar interests.

    The Facebook Effect

  • Bullog. cn, an edgy Chinese bloglike platform that often irked the Chinese authorities by reporting on controversial events like protests against new chemical plants, is one openly political victim of the current purges.

    To Stop Dissent, Call It Smut

  • Once again the ratio of words to pictures has become un-bloglike so I'd better stop here.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • The front page is great, but some of the writers here would feel more at home if it were a bit more bloglike in giving each writer a sort of homepage.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Anyone, OEN Regulars or Otherwise Willing To Analyze Some Content Popularity Stats?

  • The rate of growth of blogs and bloglike places is actually going to radically increase.

    February 2005

  • Perhaps the strongest indicator of the importance of blogdom isn't those discussions themselves, but the extent to which media outlets are creating blogs - or bloglike manifestations - of their own.

    August 2005

  • ODEO – absolutely free of charge – allows anyone to communicate with voice or already recorded audio to selected people (e.g. a group of learners) or to the whole world (podcast) and, in bloglike manner, to allow those who receive the message to reply vocally.

    Build a better flipchart and the world will beat a path…

  • In January the Gray Lady started up Times on the Trail, a campaign-news website with some decidedly bloglike features; it takes the bold step of linking to articles by competing newspapers, for example.

    Archive 2004-06-01


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