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  • n. See blood group.

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  • n. A classification of blood that is based on the presence or absence of antigens in the red blood cells of an individual. For the purposes of blood transfusion three antigens referred to as "A", "B" and "RhD" (out of a total of 29) are the most important. Based on their presence the human blood can be classified to A, AB, B, and O blood types which are further divided to Rh positive or negative.

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  • n. human blood cells (usually just the red blood cells) that have the same antigens


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  • “What they will do is suck a couple of vials of my precious bodily fluids out of here, and they will check my blood type and some obscure red blood antigens and they’ll do what they call HLA typing, which detects proteins that are present in my lymphocytes, whatever the hell those are.”


  • "Dr. Beck, you're blood type B positive, isn't that right?"

    Tell No One

  • Danny let go of Leo Theodore Bordoni’s neck, the fat man’s reward for a parlay — reaction to the gore, blood type and physical description — that eliminated him as a killing suspect.

    The Big Nowhere


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