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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of blouse.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Wearing a blouse.


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  • His pants are bloused, tucked into his boots, which looks military but was also common for hunting in 1957 and may still be.

    For todays active man

  • He had a special gun, broken down into components, hidden in his bloused pants leg, the one place on his body that the Viet Cong failed to search.

    Mike Grout

  • Has been seen in public wearing a blue jump suit with SF patches and ribbons & bloused boots.

    Heroes or Villains?

  • Khaki clad, bloused boots, burnooses obscuring their features, bearded men with necks wrapped in shemaghs in the green-black pattern so beloved by many.

    Dead Zero

  • He stood, not at attention but in the uniform of the day—FBI raid jacket over shirt and tie, black cargo pants bloused into black tactical boots, a radio unit in his hand wired to his ear, along a street, doing nothing but yawning and watching.

    Dead Zero

  • He caught a glimpse of himself in the reflection of the beer-cooler glass, a stocky figure in all black, watch cap low over the ears, face mottled, the subgun cradled in his hands, body armor, a SIG P226 in a mid-thigh tac holster, black Danner assault boots bloused, mags in pouches everywhere.

    Dead Zero

  • A pregnant mom held up a neatly folded bloused and proclaimed, “I ought to be pretty good at this by now.”

    Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Catholic Faith

  • When were travellers by wheels and hoofs seen with such red – hot cheeks as those? when were they so good – humouredly and merrily bloused? when did their laughter ring upon the air, as they turned them round, what time the stronger gusts came sweeping up; and, facing round again as they passed by, dashed on, in such

    The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit

  • They hung from the shoulders, slouched around the thigh, bloused around any waist you may have had, and added at least five to ten visual pounds to even the Twiggyest of women.

    Before You Put That On

  • From the soles of their bloused combat boots to the top of their military-style caps, the black-uniformed officers of the Department of Homeland Security's preeminent security force strike fear in the hearts of our internal enemies.

    11/20/2005 - 11/27/2005


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