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  • Blue with heat: said of a body at so high a temperature that the more refrangible rays, that is, the blue and violet, preponderate in its total radiation, so that the light it emits appears blue.


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  • All I know is that I was ecstatically, painfully in love with him, waiting for him to slip away, leaving me with my palms singed from clutching a blue-hot star.


  • Geyser-like volcanoes would be erupting, sending their blue-hot plumes several miles into space.

    Exploring Volcanism in our Solar System: A complete survey of all geologically active bodies

  • It's as dangerous to look the Joker in the eyes as it is to train a telescope on the sun, they say, but Batman has faced down this blue-hot lunacy before.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • But the visible wavelegths are important because they are where most stars have their blackbody peak (stars surfaces are red-hot, white-hot, even blue-hot) and given that atoms in stellar atmospheres and interstellar space are often in excited states, the emission and aborption spectra show many interesting features in the visible range. (c.f. the discovery of helium)

    Jefferys on "The Privileged Planet" - The Panda's Thumb

  • Another blue-hot streak of lightning flashed to the tree tops on the hills beyond the river.

    Genellan- Planetfall

  • Her eyes burned like blue-hot coals in pits of ash.

    Typhoon Season

  • It had taken him a long, bemused moment to draw himself back from the unhappy world of Brother Jerome's frenzied prayers, and realize that the door really had opened and let her in, that she was actually standing there before him, urgent, tangible, her black hair shaken loose round her shoulders, and her eyes like blue-hot steady flames in the translucent oval of her face.

    The Holy Thief

  • Lancer rumbled and forked a pure, blue-hot plasma arc, and pulled away from the gravitational lens that was its native star, leaving the colossal telescope behind.

    Across The Sea Of Suns

  • Round body no more than an inch in diameter, little delicate glass-needle legs, iridescent fur finer than human hairs, glittering; and last of all, the empty eye-vessels that filled with blue-hot fire, swirling, laughing, living—


  • He dumped more and more velocity, while Klingons streaked in closer and closer, and little by little the shields began to lose their blue-hot radiation fire and take on the angry red of splattering Klingon phasers that were becoming more effective by the moment.



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