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  • n. In the naval service, a sailor as distinguished from a marine: so called from the color of his jacket.
  • n. A name given in the United States to hymenopterous insects of the family Sphegidæ. The predominant color is blue. The best-known are the Pelopœus cœruleus, a northern species, and the Chlorion cyaneum, whose range is more to the south. Both are known under the collective name of mud-daubers. See cuts under Ammophila, digger-wasp, and mud-dauber.


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  • Perhaps that is why no blue-jacket, sober or drunk, was ever repulsed from the door of the Bilkins mansion.

    Humorous Masterpieces from American Literature

  • With blue-jacket and trousers he is bigger and stronger;

    Life and Remains of John Clare "The Northamptonshire Peasant Poet"

  • Amongst the men, two blue-jackets were killed outright, as well as Phillips, the ship's carpenter of the _Hankow Lin_; while one blue-jacket was wounded severely, and two slightly, as well as another of the ship's regular hands.

    The Penang Pirate and, The Lost Pinnace

  • But, above all, the old tyrant wouldn't have a blue-jacket, from stem to starn, if so be he'd got nothing ado but talk sweet; I s'pose he fancied his girl was mad after the whole blessed cloth.

    The International Monthly Magazine, Volume 1, No. 1, August 1850 of Literature, Science and Art.

  • This invitation Jupp gladly accepted in the same spirit in which it was given; and then, with another hearty "good-night" from the vicar, to which he responded by touching his cap and giving a salute in regular blue-jacket fashion, he went on his way back to the little railway - station beyond the village where Master Teddy had first made his acquaintance -- much to their mutual benefit as things now looked!

    Teddy The Story of a Little Pickle

  • A blue-jacket promptly jumped overboard and rescued him from a watery grave, and Denis, instead of being converted into pork or sausages, became a prisoner of war and a pet.

    Stand By! Naval Sketches and Stories

  • It never entered his mind that here was a matter which from its extreme questionableness, it was his duty as a loyal blue-jacket to report in the proper quarter.

    Billy Budd

  • A blue-jacket on the sharp bow of the little vessel waved an arm at Farnol's cry, and presently the rescuing party was alongside.

    The Cruise of the Dry Dock

  • You have the Royal Marines; and though the Royal Marine Artillery practically do the same work on the day of battle as the blue-jacket, yet you have that great tradition going on.

    Canada's Contribution in Men to the Imperial Navy

  • Then he, too, leaped to the deck, and a stocky cockney blue-jacket poked his nose over the rail.

    Cappy Ricks Retires


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