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  • adj. Wearing blue jeans.
  • adj. Characteristic or suggestive of blue jeans: a blue-jeaned look and a down-home attitude.


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  • The first of the musical caravan to hit a town is the t-shirted, blue-jeaned roadie, one of the most fascinating, yet unresearched species of that world.

    Lynyrd Skynyrd – The Men Behind Skynyrd « Lynyrd Skynyrd Dixie

  • The broad-based effort to answer these and many other questions is remarkable because it has finally made it legitimate for white-coated scientists actually, mostly the blue-jeaned kind to spend their careers studying the possibilities, locations, and signatures of alien life.

    First Contact

  • The blue-jeaned Pejman—not his real name—was a top member of the largest moderate student group, Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat Office of Fostering Unity.

    Let the Swords Encircle Me

  • He had his DS balanced on his blue-jeaned knees and was poking away at it industriously with the stylus.

    City of Glass

  • At Fardknappen, a state-built group home in Stockholm for people "in the second half of life," the feel is less that of an old person's home than a college dorm, with its buzzing modems, cheeky political cartoons and blue-jeaned, sandal-shod residents.

    The New Singles

  • He was blue-jeaned, sweatshirted, and a dead ringer for the cartoon character Zonker in Doonesbury.

    Again to Carthage

  • She felt the hot breath of the little bat dog near her blue-jeaned ankle and was ready to kick it when she looked down to see that the dog wore a little top hat fastened by an elastic strand and a tiny coat, complete with a red bow tie for a collar.

    Their Dogs Came With Them

  • Born and raised in Cincinnatti, the formerly shy, blue-jeaned bass player served an eight-year apprenticeship with master funkifiers James Brown and George Clinton.

    Archive 2005-05-15

  • From Al Kamen at the Washington Post:It was with some trepidation that we opened a most interesting card, which announced on a blue-jeaned cowboy's belt buckle something called the "5th Annual VOLPAC '06 Weekend" in Nashville on April 21-23.


  • She rubbed her hands across blue-jeaned legs, massaging her calf muscles.

    The Mesa Conspiracy


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