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  • “If we were moving toward Earth, it should be blue-shifted.”


  • Wes had been watching for the effect of relativity; stars blue-shifted ahead and reddened aft.

    I Don’t Understand ?

  • Where the space at the point of the light's emission is receding at the speed of light, the wavelength 'shift' of light passing here will be at nul and, where emitted from sources receding at beyond the speed of light, the wave will reverse to become an inverse wave - though this will only be appreciated as light received from the increasingly receding light source then becomes progressively less red-shifted and finally progressively blue-shifted.

    A Thought or Two

  • "Our result is consistent with the predicted magnetic field extrapolated from the blue-shifted H2O maser region of W43A, and further confirms that the magnetic field plays an important role in the transition from a spherical AGB star to a non-spherical PN."

    Could a Black Hole Fit in Your Computer or In Your Pocket? | Universe Today

  • When the blue-shifted random background energy reaches a critical black-hole density, time in its previous measure will simply cease (in that a fictitious observer at any given point would perceive everywhere else fade away to nothing, so the local temperature would also become everywhere zero).

    The Arrow of Time in Scientific American

  • From the viewpoint of the falling object, distant objects generally appear blue-shifted due to the gravitational field of the black hole.

    the atomic uni-verse

  • As Jase had pointed out years ago, the temporal gradient meant that massive amounts of radically blue-shifted radiation would have bathed the surface of our planet had that radiation not been filtered and managed by the Hypotheticals.


  • Bands of blue-shifted light marked each Einstein Ring.

    The Demon

  • Ahead, the graceful form of the starbase beckoned, and beyond, a bright cluster of blue-shifted points of light marked the approach of nearly fifty Federation starships.

    The Battle of Betazed

  • Then Ael went out, and the Sword lay alone in the stillness and the starlight, with the cold, still, blue-shifted fires streaking and glittering on its blade.

    Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages


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