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  • n. The act of gathering blueberries.
  • v. Present participle of blueberry.


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blueberry +‎ -ing


  •  in-house instant messaging systems (constant informal chat)  communal customer email systems (two job sharers, one email account)  centralised online data storage (eliminates problems of files left elsewhere)  video conferencing  'blueberrying' (double edged sword) 

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  • Many a day they had spent together, these two, fishing or blueberrying or tramping across the dunes.

    Georgina of the Rainbows

  • Mrs. Saggs came in to sit with her while I was out blueberrying, but she said she couldn't stay past ten o'clock.

    Georgina of the Rainbows

  • Ringing the Towncrier's bell and fishing and blueberrying and telling yarns and helping everybody bear their trouble was the least part of his doings.

    Georgina of the Rainbows

  • In the summer we went strawberrying and blueberrying, and played "hide and coop" behind the tall yellow haycocks, and rode on the top of the full haycarts.

    The Story Hour

  • I went blueberrying with Mrs. Alderling in the morning after she had got her breakfast dishes put away, in order that we might have something for dessert at our midday dinner; and I went fishing off the old stone crib with Alderling in the afternoon, so that we might have cunners for supper.

    Questionable Shapes

  • When, in the summer, I saw a family a-blueberrying a mile off, walking about amid the dwarfish bushes which did not come up higher than their ankles, they seemed to me to be a race of giants, twenty feet high at least.

    Cape Cod

  • After they had walked along a little way, Rollo's father asked him whether he had a good time blueberrying?

    Rollo at Play Safe Amusements

  • "In _hopes_," thought Rollo; "that is very strange when we want to go a blueberrying."

    Rollo at Play Safe Amusements

  • Rollo's mother advised him, when he went to bed the evening before the day fixed upon for the blueberrying, to rise early the next morning, and take a good reading lesson before breakfast.

    Rollo at Play Safe Amusements


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