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  • n. A Mexican shrub, Ceanothus azureus, with abundant blue flowers.
  • n. A species of salt-bush, Kochia pyramidata, belonging to the goosefoot family, native to southeastern Australia. It is a valuable forage-plant in times of drought.


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  • Cattle are contributing to degradation of limited riparian and wetland habitats across the ecoregion and particularly favor bluebush communities around lakes on the Barkly Tableland.

    Mitchell grass downs

  • Ephemeral lakes of the Barkly Tableland support communities of bluebush (Chenopodium auricomum) and/or coolibah (E. coolibah) low open woodlands.

    Mitchell grass downs

  • The habitat types within these reserves range from eucalypt woodland, chenopod shrubland, bluebush, lancewood, gidgee, and grasslands to Acacia woodlands.

    Mitchell grass downs

  • "It's not proper bluebush ink," Zist reminded her.

    Dragon's Fire

  • "S" that had been painted there with bluebush ink.

    Dragon's Fire

  • The sap of the bluebush, used for marking the Shunned, was indelible and permanently stained skin.

    Dragon's Fire

  • Although shrubs such as the saltbush (Atriplex) and bluebush

    Chapter 9

  • When saltbush and bluebush species are sown on saline soils under natural rainfall conditions, there is a delicate balance between temperature and salinity levels and the germination and establishment of the seedlings.

    Chapter 9

  • We waited twelve hours, and were about to go, leaving a mark behind us to show we had been there, when we saw the rouseabout and his exhausted horse coming slowly through the bluebush to us.

    Cumner's Son and Other South Sea Folk — Volume 02

  • The long delay exhausted the supply of rations, but by means of game, horse-flesh, and the usual bush vegetable, "bluebush and pig-weed," the party fared sufficiently well.

    The History of Australian Exploration from 1788 to 1888


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